State Highway 130 from Phase 1 to Phase 3 ( MannVill Road). This road that was not suitable for traffic due to its poor condition has been repaired and is now a new 10m wide road with a 4-lane bridge at village Mann. This has considerably helped employees going to Phase 3 providing them with a direct route. This road will be further repaired towards Pirangut, providing Phase 3 employees of RGIP another avenue. Some pictures of this completed project.

Widening of Road from Phase 1 to Phase 2 to 6-lanes. Considering the traffic snarls between Phase 1 and Wipro Circle Phase 2, the MIDC undertook and completed widening of this road till Wipro Circle. This has immensely eased traffic flow on this road. MIDC now plans to widen the road from Wipro Circle to Infosys Phase 2 Circle which will further ease flow of traffic. Some pics of this road widening done.

Traffic Signals at LaxmiChowk and Pall Corporation Crossing. HIA Infra Committee has actively pursued and got the two traffic signals installed. The traffic chaos at these two crossings has reduced considerably. Pics of the signals

Integrated Solid Waste Management Scheme. HIA Infra Committee is closely following up with MIDC for this scheme which has reached tendering stage. The process of awarding the contract and further completion of the project is likely to take upto end of 2019. Till then, HIA has taken upon itself the responsibility of keeping the roads clean through employment of an agency that cleans the road daily from Waked flyover to Phase 1. This project will soon be extended to other phases. Also HIA has appealed to the companies to plant trees inside the campuses and immediately outside. Also, beautification of areas close to the companies is to be undertaken. Few pics of the cleanliness undertaken by the vendor…

Additional Road Avenues to RGIPRoad Balewadi- Mhalunge- Chande – Phase III. The work on this road is in progress but held up due monsoons . The work will re-start as soon as the weather permits.

2.8 KM Chande- Nande- Road connecting Sus & Mahalunge roads to SH 130 ( Mann Vill road). Temporary repairs to this road were undertaken to make it motorable. However it is planned to strengthen and remake this road to make it more sustainable for traffic. This work will commence post monsoons. The budget has already been allocated. More as we continue our progress on the Infrastructure front……….


Mr Anil Patwardhan, President HIA accompanied by Col Charanjeet S. Bhogal, COO HIA and Col Shankar Salkar, Head Transport Ops HIA carried out reconnaissance of new road infrastructure around RGIP to understand the difficulties being faced by RGIP and plans of MIDC & PWD in pipe line.

Mr Patwardhan was first given a bird's eye view from Blue Ridge Tower 5 - of the new alternate road planned to take off from the Mumbai – Bangalore highway to RGIP. This road when completed would provide an alternate approach to RGIP and drastically reduce the pressure on the Wakad-RGIP axis. Currently a bridge over the Mula river on this axis is 40% complete and the road is about 25 % complete. The balance progress is stuck due to problems in acquiring about 8 hectares of land by the Administration.

After the view from Blue Ridge, the President, COO & Head Transport Ops drove to the bridge and then over the new road upto Mann village. Thereafter the President assessed the state of the road Mann vill – Phase 3- Phase 2 – Laxmi Chowk – Bhumkar Chowk. He inspected the completed road infra at Laxmi Chowk and studied the challenges of road expansion on the road Laxmi Chowk - Bhumkar Chowk again due to issue of land acquisition .

President highlighted importance of development of Road Pirangut – Gotawade – Mann, Road Sus – Nande – Chande – SH 130 and Road Malunge – Nande- Chande – SH 130 to further decongest Wakad & Bhumkar road.

Efforts are on with the MIDC ,Dist Collector Pune & CEO PMRDA to remove these impediments and progress the road infrastructure.Some pics of the visit..............................

Eviction of Unauthorised Hawkers from RGIP

MIDC with the help of Civil Police has been taking regular actions to reduce the menace of hawkers who set up their unauthorised stalls in all phases of RGIP making it an eye-sore for employees and visitors to RGIP due to the filth and garbage generated by them. In addition, these stalls are ahealth hazard for employees due to their poor hygiene standards. The latest eviction drive was conducted by MIDC with support of Civil Police last week and the hawkers from all phases have been removed.

Companies are being advised to take control of the land and beautify the area to prevent the hawkers from making an appearance again. Some pictures of the drive are below…..

Notable success of Infra Committee efforts: -

Completion of Two Subways & Elevated road on Mumbai – Bengaluru Highway.
Widening of Road Bhumkar Chowk – Vinode Vasti – Lakshmi Chowk.
Extension of Road Lakshmi Chowk - Tata Johnson. (Last 300 mtrs ongoing)
Widening & Resurfacing of Road KPIT Tech – Marunji - Kasarsai.
Widening of Road Shivaji Chowk – T-Junction to 6 Lanes.
Widening of 3 km of road Chande- Nande.
Widening of Road stretch from Infosys Phase-II Circle to SEZ Circle. (In progress).
Integrated Solid Waste Management - Approved in principle by the Government of Maharashtra with MIDC as the Nodal Agency for implementation.