To commemorate World Environment Day a Webinar on “Challenges and Need for Waste Management” was held on 06 Jun 2022.

Mr Anil Gokarn and Ms Manjushree Tadwalkar, both experts in the field of soil health and waste management conducted the Webinar.

There was good participation from member companies


A Tree plantation drive was organized by the Clean and Green Committee of HIA on 09 Feb 2022. 60 trees were planted between SEZ Circle and Mannara Tech Park. This is part of the continued efforts at greening RGIP. This drive saw plantation of Banyan and Almond trees. Neem trees would be added to this area subsequently. The event was attended by Ms Manisha Bhosale, Chair Clean & Green Committee, Col Charanjeet Singh Bhogal, COO HIA amid participation by the complete Clean and Green Committee and others . .

Some pics from the event:


To commemorate the World Environment Day 2021, the Clean and Green Committee conducted a tree plantation drive in Phase 3 of RGIP. About 30 trees that are known to give out more Oxygen, like Ashoka, Neem and Indian Bael were planted near the Cognizant Circle. The Chairperson and Co- Chair along with other members of the Committee planted the trees. Over the week, more than 100 trees were planted in that area. The aim is to create an oxy-zone near Cognizant Circle in Phase 3 and help improve the air quality.

Some pictures of the event.....


A few pictures of the event………


Hinjawadi Industries Association (HIA) conducted a Cyclothon event at Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park (RGIP) on 11 Jan 2020 from 7 am to 10 am. Though the event conducted by the “Clean and Green RGIP’ committee of HIA was primarily for employees of HIA member companies, the registration was thrown open to residents of RGIP as well.

The aim of the cyclothon was to promote use of cycles as the preferred mode of commute and propagate the critical need of reducing carbon pollution and traffic congestion in the city. The message that Cycling was a very effective way of remaining healthy and should be adopted by everyone, was also conveyed.

About 1200 participants took part in the 20-km Cyclothon that went through all three phases of RGIP commencing at Infosys Circle in Phase 1 and concluding at the same point.

Participants were given T-shirts and water bottles and a medal was awarded to all participants on successful completion of the circuit. Adequate facilities for hiring cycles for those who did not possess their own cycle, were arranged through vendors.

The event ended with sumptuous breakfast being offered to all participants and the conducting staff.

A few pictures of the event………


Under the aegis of Clean and Green RGIP Co-ord Committee of Hinjawadi Industries Association, the first beautification initiative was jointly launched opposite Quadron in Phase 3 of RGIP by HIA and MIDC. A patch of 120 x 9 meters has been beautified and landscaped to improve the get up of RGIP and make it more appealing to the visitors. This is the first initiative in a series of efforts that would see RGIP beautified across its length and breadth.

The pilot project held opposite Quadron on 03 Jun 2019 saw enthusiastic participation from the employees. About 50 big trees were planted by employees and invitees. Dr Satish Pai President HIA led the efforts by planting the first tree. This was followed by plantation of about 50 trees by various HIA office bearers and different committee members. Tree plantation was also done by Mr Nilesh Modhave Executive Engineer of MIDC and other MIDC officials. The Hinjawadi Police also participated through tree plantations by the Sr PI Mr Yashwant Gawari and Traffic PI Mr Kishore Mhaswade.

Dr Pai congratulated Col Charanjeet Singh Bhogal COO HIA and the Clean and Green RGIP Co-ord Committee members on this initiative and enthused all employees to continue this wonderful effort and carry on relentlessly till entire RGIP was beautified and well landscaped. He brought out that plantation of trees must be done also as a means to lower the excessive temperatures that are becoming the norm by the day.

The event was followed by informal interaction over tea at Tech Mahindra.
Some pics of the event……..