HIA Membership

1.The purpose of establishing the Association was to address common issues of RGIP through a single forum with various Govt agencies such MIDC, PWD, PCMC, PMPML, Police authorities, Gram Panchayats etc. Over a period of time HIA has established a fairly good rapport with all these agencies and has been able to address many an issue.

2. The various initiatives are driven through the Sub Committees of volunteers from various member companies. There are no company specific benefits but whatever initiatives are being run by HIA benefit all companies located in RGIP. The benefits of becoming a member company of HIA far outweigh the small contribution made by the companies towards membership fees. Briefly, the following are summarized:-

  • a. Use of the Metrozip bus service. A very important benefit is the Metrozip bus service that can be availed only by employees of HIA member companies.
  • b. Security to the company provided by the Joint Security Task Force that only visits member company premises.
  • c.Security to employees outside the office premises in emergencies provided by the JSTF.
  • d.Liaison with police for any urgent actions required to be taken.
  • e.Specific MIDC related difficulties get easily and quickly addressed.
  • f.The companies can participate in various welfare and training activities that benefit their employees.

There are some specific updates which are shared only with the member companies from time to time on mail as well as on whatsapp groups formed for the purpose such as :

  • i.Updates on natural calamities like flood..
  • ii.Updates on security related situations/ road closures or diversions due to strike, processions etc.
  • iii.Updates of Covid 19 notifications with clarification.
  • iv.Some important meeting with Govt. officials..
  • 3. Above all, it is imperative that a company working within a common environment be an enthusiastic contributor to the betterment of the environment it is located in. It is towards this goal that not only is membership of HIA strongly encouraged, but vibrant participation in all activities is also solicited.

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