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    Events at HIA


    President HIA Mr Anil Patwardhan interacted with RJ Sangram on Big Radio 95.0 FM on Fri, 26 May 17. During the interaction conducted in Marathi, the President deliberated upon numerous issues concerning Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park (RGIP) and the employees working there.

    Mr Patwardhan elaborated upon various initiatives being taken at RGIP, a notable one being provision of good transport facilities through 'Metrozip' services. He encouraged the employees to make use of this facility and thus help the environment and reduce traffic congestion at Hinjawadi. The President also highlighted the initiatives being taken with regard to safety of employees, especially women employees through deployment of the Joint Security Task Force (JSTF) QRTs, conduct of various training capsules and creation of new initiatives like 'Buddy Cop' with help of Civil Police. He was especially thankful to the office of CP Pune for introducing the concept of ‘Buddy Cop’ to RGIP.

    Mr Patwardhan brought out that the first batch of 50 women had just undergone the Self-Defence training capsule at HIA on 24 May. The training focussed on making the women aware of their daily surroundings and how to be conscious of their safety in every situation, even one that appears very safe – like the compounds of their residential colonies or the premises of their companies. This was a pilot capsule and such capsules would now be conducted by companies inside their respective premises.

    RJ Sangram who has been exposed earlier to the functioning of HIA lauded the work being done by the Association and the President. Mr Anil Patwardhan emphasised that it was the combined efforts of MIDC officials, the Police officers at Hinjawadi Police Station, the HIA Managing Committee members as also the various Committee members like the Security and Safety Committee, Transport Operations Committee etc that resulted in various successful initiatives at RGIP.


    HIA tied up with KBK- Raksha, an agency with trained personnel to conduct a 2 –hour workshop on "Safety Awareness and Counter Measures" for working women from HIA member companies.

    A batch of 50 women underwent the first training capsule at HIA on 24 May. The programme was enthusiastically received with active participation by all. The training focussed on making the women aware of their daily surroundings and how to be conscious of their safety in every situation, even one that appears very safe – like the compounds of their residential colonies or the premises of their companies. The women were also introduced to basic moves for countering any threat.

    This was a pilot capsule and based on feedback received from all participants – which has been extremely positive – such capsules will now be conducted by companies inside their respective premises.

    Few pictures to capture the mood and enthusiasm of the participants……….


    HIA is delighted to have hosted 90 students and staff from the Naxal hit areas of Gadchiroli on 11 Jan 2017. The students were welcomed as part of the initiative to expose them to areas outside their villages, and give them first-hand information of the development that peace can bring. The students were hosted by Tata Technologies Limited and were taken around the company. They were shown the kitchen and food facility operation as also the garbage separation method adopted to keep the area clean.

    The children were immensely happy with the visit and the interaction. Many students confided that this was their first exposure to such a facility. The children were offered sumptuous snacks and refreshments which they enjoyed thoroughly.

    We at HIA are extremely happy to have been able to make a small difference in the lives of the students from Gadchiroli, and pray that they see development in their areas.

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    Members Meet

    The Quarterly Members’ Meet for members of HIA was held on 15 Dec 16 at HIA Hall. The meet was an excellent opportunity for all member companies and employees to understand the various actions and initiatives undertaken by HIA to improve the life at RGIP, Hinjawadi.

    The meeting commenced with Mr Anil Patwardhan, President HIA welcoming all members to the meet. He also presented an update on the various activities and initiatives undertaken by HIA. He further brought out the details of various meetings held with Govt officials to put forth requirements of RGIP.

    Mr Unmesh Bhatija, Treasurer HIA then gave the update on the Finance & Treasury and other aspects related to the income and expenditure at HIA .

    In absence of Chairperson Infra Committee, Col Charanjeet S. Bhogal gave an update on the progress of Infra related issues followed by Col Jaideep Lele, Chairperson of the Transport Ops Committee and Maj Mayank Gupta, Chairperson of the Security and Safety Committee presented the work done by their respective Committees.

    Presentations By Metrozip Verticals. A novel aspect of the evening was the promotional presentations by all three Metrozip verticals, to the members of the HIA. Presentations by Metrozip Delight, Metrozip and Metrozip Green were extremely informative andwell received by the members.

    Open floor followed thereafter and many queries and doubts raised by the members were answered. Informal discussions and suggestions from the members were received and noted for implementation.

    The meet ended with the members enjoying the sumptuous spread laid out in the hall.

    Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting of HIA was held at The Gateway-Taj on 29 Sep at 5.30 pm onwards. The event was attended by 45 representatives of member companies in addition to various invitees.

    After welcoming the members, Mr Anil Patwardhan, outgoing President presented the Annual General Report for the year 15-16. He also brought out the highlights of various activities undertaken by the Managing Committee and by the HIA over the past one year and the planned activities that would be taken up by the HIA over the next year or so.

    Col Jaideep Lele, Chairperson Transport Ops Committee explained the arduous and challenging road taken by MetroZip to reach where it is at present. This was followed by Mr Sunil Advani, Chairperson, Infra Committee explaining the progress made through efforts of the HIA Infrastructure Committee including roads and waste management. Maj Mayank Gupta, Chairman Security and Safety Committee highlighted the sustained efforts taken for introducing new initiatives to make RGIP a safer and more secure place. Finally, Mr Kedar Paranjpye, as Chairperson, explained the work done by the Facilities Co-ordination Committee in sharing the best practices across companies.

    Conduct of Election to Managing Committee. The floor was handed over to Col Raman Sharma, Returning Officer to conduct the elections for the Managing Committee. The following were elected unopposed to the Managing Committee for the next two years: -

    (a) Mr Anil Patwardhan, President.
    (b) Mr SK Kulkarni, Vice President.
    (c) Mr MN Ravichandran, Secretary.
    (d) Mr Unmesh Bhatija, Treasurer.
    (e) Mr Sunil Advani, Member.
    (f) Mr Kedar Paranjpye, Member.
    (g) Ms Rucha Ambekar, Member.

    Thereafter, Mr SK Kulkarni, Vice President took the stage and conducted a very interesting and interactive session where members put across a lot of constructive suggestions and views for enabling HIA to achieve more in the times to come.

    Finally, Mr SK Kulkarni, Vice President in his Vote of Thanks acknowledged the contribution of all sub -committees of HIA and member companies and thanked all participants for their valuable inputs. He asked them for their sustained support as hitherto fore, to all activities of HIA.

    The meeting culminated with a Gala dinner and members were seen heartily enjoying their drinks and the sumptuous spread.